Adopting the Cat

So, we have pretty much decided to adopt the mama cat whom Katy has already named Bouncy. The kittens will need to be placed. Where? I have no idea. I do know that Rob is not fond of the idea of raising one kitten, forget about three and truthfully, starting from ground zero with any type of pet is just a lot of work. Our neighbor has friends who live on a farm, and she is checking to see if perhaps they would like a few kittens, once they are weaned. Feral cats, which they would likely end up, are somewhat of a farm staple. They help keep the rodent population in check. Friends of mine back in Iowa always have kittens at one stage or another it seems on their farm. They are not pets in any sense of the word. They eat from the scrap bucket that is also given to the pigs, and there is an old dog dish with food in it as well. Otherwise they fend for themselves. I feel a little bad that we are condemning the kittens to such an existence, but unless someone steps forward wanting a house cat, that is the only option for them.

Having come to this decision just yesterday, I haven’t had much time to research about cats, or kittens, and what steps need to be taken now. They need to visit the vet. Bouncy needs a clean bill of health, shots and to be spayed lest we have another batch of kittens to deal with soon. I think the kittens are about 3 to 4 weeks old. According to the little bit I have read, they wean around 5 to 8 weeks. They will be moving about, and quickly, within the next week or two, so new shelter provisions will need to be taken, or they will be road kill, food for the coyotes and foxes or even the neighborhood dogs. Right now they are still in the cardboard box sheltered by a few boards nest to the garage. Nothing really keeping them in but their own inability to walk well enough to escape.

Bouncy is to the point where she will come when called, or when she hears Katy’s voice. I am sure that she was someone’s pet not long ago and was dumped once they discovered she was pregnant. I am hoping she hasn’t been in the “wild” long enough to not recognize a litter box, which is my only real reservation about her. I haven’t ever litter trained animal, but I have vivid and distasteful memories of potty training the dog I foisted upon my unsuspecting folks when I was in high school. Come to think of it. I probably did something similar to that with Bouncy and Rob. He even asked me when I was planning to tell him I had decided to keep the cat when we discussed the cat’s future yesterday over the phone.

So, we are for sure a cat family now. Hopefully not a multiple cat family. Anyone need a kitten?

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